Monday, February 18, 2013

Carnaval e as generas

Familia e Amigos,
 So this week we had zone conference. Man I stinking love zone conference. I could feel the spirit so strong during it and it made me so happy. One thing that I though that was really interesting was this. That where more persecution arises, it is because there is more righteousness. So I've thought about that this week. 
 So at the start of this week we went to teach this girl named Sandra. So all her family is not really intersted in the church and more specifically her mom thinks that we are there to destroy their family. But we first talked with her and during that time we got to hear that apparently people in other churches have been asking about us. So it's been interesting. 
 As well during the week we met up with another lady that we are teaching named Claudette. So during the lesson a guy came in and started telling us that there was nothing wrong with drinking. So we had to go into an explanation about that. Altogether he just kind of destroyed the lesson that we could have had with Claudette. 
 But this is the thing. Neither one of these things has stopped Claudette and Sandra talking with us. It has slowed anything at all.Claudette is more firm in the church than ever and she even mentioned that she would talk to Sandra's mother. And as well we were able to talk to that drunk guy later when he was sober and actually ended up having a really good conversation about tithing. So this is one thing that I have thought about a lot. You know when things are going well we will confront difficulties. It is a sure thing. But if we keep thinking about the good, striving for it, all those bad things won't matter and won't stop anything. Honestly we will just continue to see the good. So if a ton of thngs show up to get n our waywe keep going for the good. Persecution is something that doesn't mean we should stop being good but more an incentive to keep going. 
 I stinking love this work. There is nothing better and I am so glad to be here. I love you all,

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