Monday, March 26, 2012

Peder Enjoying life in Cape Verde

Familia e Amigos,
So this week has been pretty solid. First off I finished my first
transfer in the mission field. It is crazy how fast that time has gone
by. But it is all awesome.
So things that have happened this week. We are getting two people
readyto get baptized this next week which should be all good. I'm
pretty excited for them and we'll be hard at work gettting people
Elder Rodgers and I are both staying in Porto Novo. It's all pretty
chill and we should progress really well.
So for really cool things that happened this week. First off we have
this new investigator named Rosiane. She asked to speak with us which
is awesome. The first lesson with her went really well and her mom was
present in the lesson which was awesome. The next lesson we had with
her she had prayed and she had felt something different. We were able
to teach her about the holy ghost and how she was recieving an answer
to her prayers. It was awesome! She has a baptismal  date for later
this month.
Tambem we have this investigator named Elci. Her parents need togive
permission still but she has such a strong desire to join the church.
The other day we came by and gave her a Book of Mormon. We couldn't
teach then because she was locked in her house. So we came back later
and she had read the inroduction, made questions, and then was able to
answer all of them from the introduction. It was awesome. We are going
to make sure to work with her parents so that she can get baptized.
Overall the workis going well here. This next week we may be teaching
someonein English which should be fun.
Oh and because people have asked. From Santo Antão to São Vicente we
take a boat. From São Vicente we will take a flight to other places.
The travel is kindof frustrating but it's all good.
Love  you all,
Elder Peder Schillemat

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