Monday, March 5, 2012

A Good Week for Peder.

 Ok so this week has been pretty good. First off I'll start with the baptism for Pedro. It went really well. We had a ton of people come and he has a lot of good friends in the ward already which is awesome. He was confirmed on Sunday and during sacrament meeting he bore his testimony! It was awesome. I stinking loved it. 
 Next our lessons have been going well and I have been speaking more. Yesterday in fact I gave over half one of our lessons. It was a little strange cuz I kept looking at my companion and wondering when he wanted me to stop but he just let me continue on. It was good. 
 There's this one lesson I want to talk about more specifically today. So we were teaching Dercia ( investigator getting baptized this week) and she had her friend Claudia come and sit in on the lesson. Before we started we asked the usual things ( how's it going, have you been reading and do you have any questions before we start). Claudia then asked how miracles are performed. We were able to go into the priesthood and then talk about how we have the power to bring miracles on this earth today. And we were able to talk about the Restoration and how that power was lost and it is now restored. We invited her to watch Pedro's baptism and to pray about Jospeh Smith. It was pretty awesome. But I just want to mention how important the Priesthood is. It honestly is the power of God on this earth. Through it we can work miracles. I know this is true and I am so glad that when we are worthy we can exercise this authourity. I am so grateful to have grown up in a righteous priesthood home. Thank you Dad, for the great example you have been to me. Also a thanks to Poul and Geoffrey for being worthy priesthood holders. 
 I love you all and I know that this work is ordained of God.
Explanantion on Pictures:
-baptism with Pedro, the ward mission leader (ravi), baptized him
- me and my comp Elder Rodgers

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