Monday, March 19, 2012

Another good week in Cape Verde

Familia e amigos,
 So things have been pretty good here in Porto Novo. We have a couple people progressing torwards baptism which is awesome. Also our lessons are going really well and I'm speaking more which is really good. 
 Let's see to start off, this week we have had a lot of travel. On Thursday we had a training on Sao Vicente (another island) which went chill. Learning from President Oliveira is so awesome. Honestly he helps me to learn so much and it was an awesome training. We spent the whole day in Sao Vicente which was chill but it's weird being away from Porto Novo. 
 Also on Saturday we had to go to Pontu do Sol to do interviews for baptisms which is pretty regular. It was chill and I had pizza for the first time here. It was pretty good. 
 Also yesterday we had some pretty awesome times at church. So we have an investigator named Sueli who still hasn't recieved an answer. She hadn't been to Church yet so we made sure that she came this week. While there the members did a really good job of welcoming here and making her feel loved. We taught her later that night and because of the members she was able to feel the Spirit telling her that the Church is true. It was really awesome.
I'm glad to hear that you all are doing well and I hope that things continue to go well. This next week is the last week of my first transfer which is crazy. I can't believe it. Honestly it is just insane that I'm almost through an entire transfer. I've learned so much here already and I know that I will continue to learn. The mission is awesome and I love you all.
Tambem: Happy Birthday to Grandpa- Please let him know. And if possible can I ge the conversion story of grandpa+grandma schillemat and grandma haehnel? I've been interested in that for a while. Love you all e fica bem!!!

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