Monday, March 12, 2012

Life in Porto Neuvo

 These are two pictures from the Missionary Training Center, Peder and his Companion and Peder's District.
Familia e Amigos,
So here's the update of life here in Porto Novo.
Last week on P-day we went to the beach and we're able to play some
sports which was pretty chill. We also played some basketball (which I
loved) and some football(soccer- I have to get in the habit of calling
it football). All really chill. One thing that I noticed during
basketball- no one plays basketball here so it makes me look really
good at basketball even though I'm really no good at it. And you know
what all these sports led to- a massive sunburn. It was kind of a
bummer but it has now tanned so I look way good. :) just joking
Our lessons this week have been pretty solid. The first couple of
days were a little hard because some appts were falling through but we
were able to do a lot better by the end of the week. We were on a
division with one of our APs named Elder Vance. He really helped and I
learned a lot from him.
Next deal was that we had a baptism last Saturday. It was our
investigator Dercia Maribel. She is 13 yrs old and her brother is
already a member. So during her baptismal service she was pretty
nervous. So when she was getting baptized she was pretty stiff.
Basically it took 7 times in total but she was finally baptized. :) It
was awesome to see her baptized and she has a lot of friends in the
ward already so she should be pretty strong. Also her mom is
interested in the lessons now too which is just awesome. :)
We have some sweet baptismal dates that got set up this week as well.
First I'll talk about Ronise. To start I'll have to go back to last
Sunday. So last Sunday we were going to vist Ronise but needless to
say when we got there, we had to do something else. The pipes in her
house had burst so water was leaking everywhere, We then decided to
try and fix it. Elder Rodgers got soaked in the process. After that
though we really needed to go back to the apartment.
So the next day came and then Ronise's aunt, Sueli, because of that
service said that she wanted to join the church. It was pretty
awesome. So we started teaching here on Tuesday. Ronise and Sueli were
there and we were teaching the Restoration. Ronise before this really
didn't want to be baptized. But during the lesson she handed her
baptismal form to her mom and got it signed. It was awesome and she
really wants to get baptized. Her baptismal date is on the 24th and
she is really excited for it. :)
So I guess that's the updates for this week. It's been good and
everything is going really well,
Love you all,

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