Friday, February 10, 2012

Hola Familia--less than a week to go!

 So things are all pretty chill here in the MTC. We only have a week left here which is crazy. It should be way awesome. I'm way pscyched to get out into the field. I am trying to continue to stay diligent in the work though. It should be way awesome.
 So besides that we had the 50th anniversary at the MTC on tuesday. It was pretty chill. Elder Holland and Elder Nelson came in and talked about the history of missionary work and the fact that we are continueing to make the history of the church. It was way awesome. When apostles speak it is always so great and I can always feel the Spirit.
 So besides that my companion and I were able to teach a nonmember yesterday which way awesome. It made me feel so much better about speaking the language and I'm not as nervous to go out in the field. It really was an awesome experience. You know it's crazy that in a week I'll be out in Cape Verde. BTW I got my travel plans which are this :
 DEP: SLC @ 9:45 AM
 ARR: BOS@ 4:25 PM
 DEP: BOS@ 5:50 PM
 DEP: LONDON @ 7:25 AM
 ARR: CAP VDP @ 6:50 PM
So yeah it's going to be a long flight. But I'll be going through Boston which should be awesome. I'm way excited. Besides that everything has been pretty chill here in the MTC. I love serving a mission and it's going way well. Oh I almost forgot, One member of our district got his visa and he left for Brasil this morning. I'm going to miss that dude but I know that he'll do great in Brasil.
 Mom: Thanks for getting me the driving record and insurance card. Thanks for always writing me and HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY!!! I love you and I hope that everything keeps going well.
 Dad: I hope that work continues to go well and I would love to hear from you. You may have to start e-mailing me though. :)
 Poul: I heard about the Pats, huge bummer. I was kinda depressed when I heard the news. I hope that work continues to go well and same with school.Also what did you think of the MTC while you were' here?
 Kirstin: Thanks for all your letters and I hope that everything continues to go well, I love the picture that Lucy drew for me. Just wondering, how was your MTC experience? We're you in Madrid?
 Johanna: How's the new semester going? How's teaching? I hope that everything continues to go well.
 Gretch: I'm so glad that we're serving missions at the same time and guess who I ran into: your roommate hermana cole ( I think that's her name). She just got in this week. :) It's been way chill.
 Andrea: How are things in Dallas? I hope that everything continues to go well and that you, Roland and the boys are all doing well.
 Geoff: What's up bro? I hear you are taking pre-calc. That class isn't as hard as long as you do the work. Just make sure to do the work.
 Well I love all you guys and next week that I'll be e-mailing you I'll be in Cape Verde. :)
 Eu amo voces!
 Elder Peder Schillemat

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