Monday, February 13, 2012

Peder's Last Day in the Mission Training Center then off to Cape Verde

 So this is my last day in the MTC. I leasve tomorrow morning at 6 which is insane. I really can't believe it. The MTC has gone pretty stinking fast. I have learned so much and it is just incredible. But here's the update on this last week. Basically we were just doing the usual thing. We would teach like two times a day and then just work on getting as prepared as we can to get to the field. It's actually crqazy to think how little I know about Cape Verde. No one really knows like anything. It's such a bummer. So on wednesday when I get there I'm sure there will be quite a culture shock but at least I know it's coming.
 So the thngs that really changed this week started on Friday. Friday we had this thing called in-field orientation. It was pretty chill and it was all about like working with members, finding and that sort of stuff. Gretch you probably remember this. It was a different change of pace but I think that I actually like normal class better. But it was good and I ran into some people from my freshman ward there. So that was chill.
 Saturday was pretty normal. We had class and then we had some study time later that night. That night though we had to practice for a song we were singing in sacrament. We sang Deus Vos Guarde- God Be with You. During the practice we decided that we were all going to have the whole zone sing the third verse and turn around and sing it to the branch presidency. It went way well.
 So sunday- not going to lie but I was pretty nervous about the song. But we went up there and it went awesome. The branch presidency really loved it. Sacrament meetings are always awesome. I really love them. We had a district meeting later that day where our Brother Hodges from our branch presidency gave his own little departure advice. It was awesome. Then after that we said goodbye to all our branch presidency. I'm going to miss them. They were all awesome. My Branch President: President Crosby, had the Spirit everytime he would talk and I could always feel his love for us. Brother Hodges was just a huge goof and he really liked to mess around and Brother Brough always gave the best counsel (although he was a little intimidating because he was way tall and really formal :) ).
 Overall though my time at the MTC has been awesome. I've loved how much I've learned and I'm ezxcited to go out into the field and work. I love my branch, my district and my companion. We worked on a lot of things but I've grown so much because of my companion.
 Eu sei que A Igreja e verdadeiro. Eu sei que O Livro de Mormon e a plavra de Deus. Eu sou muito grato pela felicade do evangelho. Eu amo minha familia. E eu digo estas coisas em nome de Jesus Cristo. Amem.
 Eu amo voces!!!
 Seu filho e irmao,

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