Monday, February 20, 2012

First Actual Day in Santo Antao

So I have finally got into Santo Antão! Its pretty awesome. My companion is Elder Rodgers. He seems way chill and I'm excited to start the work. So first off: this last week. So we flew in on Wednesday night at like 9 and the mission president and everybody was expecting us like way earlier. So that was a little messed up. But we got our brief mission training session on Monday and then we went off with some of the APs and taught lessons with htem. So the first lesson that we had scheduled actually fell through which is a bummer but then we went to our another persons  house and started teaching so that she could get ready for baptism. She was speaking Criolu the whole time so I understood nothing. Halfway through the lesson she looked at me and said "cordo? (are you awake?)  " and I was still stinking confused. But its gotten better over the past couple of days. Ive been able to teach parts of lessons so far which has been good. Everybody still has no clue how to say my name. I was with one the APs (Elder Brown) and during one of our lessons all he just kept saying my name even goofier so that people would be even more confused (exxamples: schillyguy, schillyman). But its been fun to get out and start teaching. I still dont speak a ton but its all good. Oh and Mom you said you looked up Santo Antão? Well I think you may have seen pictures of Pointe do Sol. Thats where some sisters serve and its way green there and its the northern most part of Cabo Verde. The specific city that Im in is Porto Novo. Its a pretty huge area. Altogether on Santo Antão there is only my companionship and a sister companionship. But Im excited! There should be quite a bit of work to do here. Its pretty warm here and dry. Basically I'd describe it best as dusty. Obviously we're surrounded by oceans like everywhere so that is chill. It makes it pretty windy here though. Also when we got here theres a holdiay called Carnival here. So like tomorrow my companion and I will need to find people to teach because almost everbody will be at Carnival. I can't think of anything else specifically right now. Things are way good though. I'm loving being out here in the field. I still have a ton to learn but I'm excited about it. 
Eu amo vôces!,
 Elder Peder Schillemat

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