Monday, February 27, 2012

Peder's First Week in His New Area

 So I have gotten through my first week here in my area. It's been way good. First off I've been working on remembering names here which is pretty hard because none of their names here really sound like anything I've heard before. It's just interesting. Some examples: Warley, Marisia, Mirmo etc. Either way it will take me a little while to get all the names down but I'm doing okay with it. I can understand people decently here. I'll admit that it is definitely still hard but I'm understanding parts. Everyone here though speaks Crioulu so sometimes it sounds kinda different. But eventually I'll understand and with the Lord I know that I'll understand. 
 So some cool stuff that happened this week. First off we've been teaching a kid named Pedro and he is going to be baptized this Saturday. I'm way excited for him. Also we have just been running into a lot of people that want to here the gospel which is awesome. Honestly it's kinda interesting.  Just a quick explanation of our area- usually Porto Novo is split into two parts' the sisters have one area of the city and the elders have the other. But this transfer there are no sisters there so my comp and I have the whole area. It's pretty big and we keep running into people that the Sisters had taught. Which is awesome, although it may have been helpful to have had record of that before. Either way we have found quite a bit of people. 
 Teaching has been way awesome though. I ,obviously, haven't been talking a ton but I'm still saying a good part of lessons. There was this one person we taught named João. He was recently baptized. He is awesome. We were talking about the faith of Nefi and he exemplifies that to a key. It's way awesome. He really knows where to put his trust and his example was awesome to me. 
My comp is way chill and he's really helpful. One of the first things he asked me was about how I was understanding the people of Porto Novo in comparison to the people of Praia. I said I wasn't understanding everything but it was better than when I was in Praia. Afterwards he stated: It's because you were called to this area and that's why you can understand them better than other areas. I know that I've been called to this area in Porto Novo. It's awesome and I'm so grateful for all the help that the Lord gives to me. I guess for Gretch that can be the one miracle of this week, actually I have another one. Pedro, and Dercia both have permission to be baptized which is awesome and honestly most of the time that the hardest thing about this area because a lot of people that we are teaching is the youth. But the work is moving forward and it's never going to stop. 

I love all of you and I love the example that you all show for me. The Church is true and I love it. :)

Elder Schillemat

ps: Mom you have my mission home adress right?  [CP 420 , PRAIA, SANTIAGO, CABO VERDE] That's it right there if you were wondering and that's really the way that you sen me mail. It takes about two weeks to get here and everything goes to the mission home and then to the islands where people are serving. 

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