Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ola Familia

Ola Familia,
 So this last week has been pretty chill. The MTC  is just continueing on which is always great.Teaching is still going well and my portuguese has really progressed. So just review over a couple things. Last week I got to host which was awesome. I hosted one missionary and he's going to be leaving the same time I am. Isn't that kinda crazy to think? People that I host last week will leave the same time as me. But it's all good. Besides that teaching has been chill. Our two investigators are going to be baptized this next saturday which is awesome. And then I'll be getting even closer to getting out into the field which will be crazy. One thing that I need to focus on for our district is making sure that we continue to stay diligent. Especially because we are getting so close to working in the field which will require so much more work than were even putting in here. So if we prepare here the transition to the field will be so much better.
 So I don't know if I mentioned this last week but I love Sundays. All the meetings that we have and the Spiriti I can feel is just awesome. Sundays are really my favorite day of the week. My branch president, President Crosby, is awesome. Whenever he teaches I can feel the Spirit so strongly and I really hope that before I leave for the field that he will teach again.
 So next: why today should be pretty awesome- is it because I'm just at the MTC which is always great? is it because a new district came in that's pretty chill? Or there could be another reason- IT'S THE 50th ANNIVERSARY OF THE MTC!!!!. So straight up the First Presidency could be here which would be totally awesome. Honestly it should be pretty interesting and I'm really excited. And my district will be singing in the choir which should be awesome. I can't wait and Iknow the Spirit will be way strong.
 I'm so blessed to be on a mission. The church is true. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ. He died for us and He loves us. I know this is true. I know that God restored His church on the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. I knwo that God loves everyone one of us. I know that He wants all of us to return to him. It is the greatest gift that we can give to everyone. The church is true and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
I hope that you don't mind but I'm going to say specific things to people in this e-mail as well:
Mom- Thanks for always writing. That's way weird about the weather in NH. The temple is always awesome. I'm going to miss that in the field a bit.
Gretch- I just want to echo what you said about prayer. It is everything. Without prayer investigators could never know the true, without prayer the mission would be so much harder, I don't think it could be done without prayer, without prayer Joseph Smith would never have seen Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and we wouldn't have had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. I am so grateful for prayer.
Andrea- Thanks for your letter. Sounds like the boys are just a bunch of goofs. And that's awesome about your run. I'm glad that that went so well and I hope that you can continue to run. Running really is like us enduring to the end and I really liked the scripture that you shared.
Jo- Thanks for the package. The shirt though is a little small. I can't really wear it around too much but it's way comfortable. :)
Poul- There should be a letter coming your way soon. Sorry it's taken so long. But thanks for writing.
Kirstin- Thanks for writing me and I hope that Lucy and Jimmy are both doing well./
Dad- Thanks for always wrting me letters and letting me know how everything is going. I hope that work continues to go well. :)
Geoff- Dude, what's going on? I keep hearing about the Eagle Project and you singing and stuff but I want an update from you.
Well fam I love you and I hope that all continues to go well,
Ate proximo tempo,
Com Amor
Elder Peder Schillemat

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