Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Feliz Ano Novo

 So I'm not going to lie I was worrying about not hearing from you. But it's all good cuz I heard from you through the e-mail. BTW I sent a letter saying that ytou need to write me but now that you've writtemn men just tell the rest of the fam to write me. :)
 So that sounds like a blast back home. Liam sounds way fun and I'm glad that he's started to hug you. Why didn't he hug you before? And Landon sounds like a little awesome chunk. :) How's Lucy doing? She going to get walking soon? :) I'm glad that you were able to talk to people at work about the Church. That is awesome and I'm glad it went well.
 New Years was pretty chill here. There wasn't anything new that happened here though. We had a fireside tht was pretty goofy. There's more of an explanation of that in the letter though. But one of the things that I've been keeping in mind a lot is always trying to stay positive. You know the language can be hard and teaching maty not go as we would like but we still have the gospel of Jesus Christ which is the happiest thing in the world. I know that as I keep that in mind and always remember that I am a representative of Christ that I can make my mission great. So I'm going to remain happy as long as I can because the Church is true, and it's the Church of Christ.
 Sorry this is kinda short but I gotta peace. Love you Mom.
 Come Amor,
Btw if you could forward this to the rest of the fam that would be chill. :)

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