Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Less than one month to Cape Verde!

 So here is the new updates for the week! First off I love Sundays. I love the Spirit I can feel on sundays and the talks that are given. My branch president, President Crosby gives the best thoughts and I absolutely love it. He came into our district meeting and started talking and then just went off with scripture references! It was awesome. Everytime he talks it is just such a spiritual experience. 
 After that our whole district had decided to join choir, which is crazy because truthfully I feel that I can't sing that well and I've never really enjoyed it. But choir here is pretty good. It's a really nice spiritual expereince and I can feel it the whole time that I'm there. 
 We also get to host new missionaries this week on Wednesday. It should be pretty fun. We've got quite a bit of people coming into our branch which is awesome so that we are not just a little group of 10-15 missionaries anymore. So it should be fun to welcome all the new missionaries to the MTC. 
 I'm down to less than a month left in the MTC which is crazy. In three weeks I'll be in Cape Verde so I've gotta make these last three weeks really worth it. Me and my companion are trying harder to make our lessons as applicable to the people we teach as we can and to continue to build each other up. Our district is solid and things are going well. We are getting taught as investigators twice a week which is pretty chill. It's quite a new experience. 
 So thank you all for writing me. Jo that sounds like it is freezing up in Colebrook. Just to give you some perspective I've been able to walk around in a t-shirt here. Also I heard about the Pats! That's way excitng, unfortunately me comp is rooting for the Giants so I'm really hope the Pats can pull it through. And Mom I don't really know how to help you with the chick flick night. Sorry. Gretch, it's awesome that we get to serve missions at the smae time. Everytime that I hear from you it's always way exciting and I hope that the work continues to go well. It's pretty awesome. Andrea, I hope that everything is going well in TX. And Kirst I hope that teaching continues to go well and that Lucy doesn't climb on to many things. Poul, dude you'll have to keep me updated on the Pats, also how is work and what classes are you taking this semester? Dad how is work going and I hope that everything is going well. Geoff let me know what's going on, i HEAR YOU SANG IN STAKE CONFERENCE? hOW WAS THAT?
 Sorry about the caps in that part. :) I love all of you and I love hearing from you every week. The Gospel is true and I know it. :)
 Eu amo voces!
 Elder Peder Schillemat 

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