Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Well-Two Weeks Almost

Ola amigos e familia,
 So I''ve almost gone two weeks in the MTC. It''s pretty crazy that I've been here for two weeks already. I can't believe it. It seems like I was just reporting like the other day. The language is coming and I''ve gotten to the point wher I can teach basic lessons in Portuguese which is awesome. So yesterday we were able to get a new investigator. His name is Romeiro and he likes to play soccer and shoot guns. He is a policeman and his whole family is members except for him.  It should be good trying to teach him. Also yesterday I was able to do a street contact with a lesson. It went really well, a lot better than I expected and I really feel that I''m beginning to understand Portuguese at least enough to carry on a conversation. So everything is pretty chill. Let me know whats up with you guys. :)
 Eu sei que A Igreja e verdadeiro. O Livro de Mormon e a palavra de Deus. Eu sei que Joseph Smith e um profeta de Deus. Eu sei que Jesus Cristo vive e ele expia por nos pecados. Ele e meu Salvador e Redentor. E eu digo iste em nome de Jesus Cristo. Amem.
 Eu voces amo.
   Elder Peder Schillemat

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