Monday, March 25, 2013

Desabafo and trying a bit of Caldo de Cana, or Sugar Cane Juice

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So one is me with Carlos e Preta, one with Elder Araújo and then just a goofy propagando things that kind of looks like missionaries. Love you,

Familia e Amigos,
 So this week has been quite interesting and quite a bit of things have happened. So I would first like to mention that I drank one of the grossest things that I have ever drank here this week. It is caldo de cana, or juice from sugar cane. uhhh. It is probably the only time that I have told someone that I did not want to drink more of something. Just really nasty. 
 But what has been interesting this week is that I have been able to see a pretty interesting contrast. So with the guy that offered that drink we actually had taught him about the restoration and why we are here. And for the first time ever I have heard some just completely flat out say ' I don't believe you. I am sure that that is not the truth' Hmmm pretty interesting. Especially because when he had said that it was because we had told him that we aren't paid and that we worked to get here. But it was just really interesting. As well we had some other person mention that the people we are talking with won't do anything. Hmmm
 But you know with all those moments I had one thing that was more interesting than anything else. So yesterday we had a family home evening in the house of one of our investigators. So that same gy who said that he didn't believe us came in. And like usual he mentioned that he did not believe that we are exactly who we are. With this was exactly the fact that he doesn't believe that we don't date. So what was interesting more than anything was the fact that we didn't have to explain that we don't but all three of our investigators did for us. There was one point when I remeber our investigators actually saying tht they know that what we are saying is true. And specifically one of our investigators said that she would stick her hand in the fire in hell because she knows that what we are saying is true. Man it was incredible. 
 And you know just thinking about this makes me very happy. You know as hard as it is to believe some times I am so grateful that I can believe in something. That's what makes me happy and I love it here. The work is hard and sometimes it may appear to other people as useless but I know that it is not. I love it here. I love you all and I hope that you have an amazing week,

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