Friday, March 15, 2013

Another Solid Week for Peder

Familia e Amigos,
 So this week has been a pretty solid week. So this last week I had read a talk by Richard C Edgley called Choose Faith. Man it is an awesome talk and it's all about how many times in our lives we could choose not to believe in something but we still believe that it can happen. 
 And you know this week I have had a lot of that. So for the whole time I have been in Calheta it has been near impossible to teach with members. And you know what! This week we taught 4 lessons with our group leader nelson. and it was stinking awesome. 
 As well this week we have been a lot more stretched for time but we still have managed to teach like 30 lessons this week.
 And because of this next week we will have a baptism. Claudia who when I first taught her wanted me to be transferred will be baptized. She has warmed up to the fact that I'm staying so it's been pretty solid. 
Altogether I have just realized more than anything how much happier I feel when I choose to believe in people. And believeing in myself. Calheta is small and has a lot of oppostion. People think that the members are crazy and that our work is something strange. But in all truth I am so happy to be here. We have investigators who are still progressing amidst all these things. And we have members who are willing to stay firm in all that they do. 
 So in all I can tell you that choosing faith, choosing to believe in something that seems so lost, something that seems so impossible never is a problem. Distrust is somthing that makes me feel awful so in this moment and forever I will choose faith. I will choose to believe because it makes me so much happier than naything else. 
 We live in a beautiful world and I am so grateful for it. I love you all and I hope that this week you can have an amazing week,

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