Monday, January 21, 2013

Peder has sent some pictures

Familia e Amigos,
 This week has been pretty solid and a lot different than I thought it would turn out. So last week right when Elder Orton adn I got home we got a call that we would both be staying in Calheta but that we would be getting two mini missionaries from Fogo to work in the area with us. So this week has been pretty chill with all that. 
 So now I am working with Elder Dias from Sao Filipe in Fogo. It's pretty sweet. We went to work in this area called Veneza. So some background: Veneza in Calheta has only one member and we maybe had one or two investigators there before we started working there. But this week has been solid and we have had the chance to find a lot more investigators. And we have really been doing this in all the ways we know how. Even to the point of knocking doors(that is super rare here in cape verde). But it has gone well and we have had the chance to work really well. 
 Speaking of which we have had the chance to cascar( or remove the cask from beans) a lot. One sunday we did it for like 40 min with just some people we met on the street. But altogether things are going super well. One thing I 've noticed is just how much the little things do to influence this work. So the one member here has at times just handed out some pamphlets to people and it's been awesome. Honestly some people have just read the pamphlets and have called to us on the street. I stinking love it.
 As well this week Celeide was baptized. I think I talked about her a while ago. But the baptism went really well and a lot of her family was able to come. It was pretty sweet. I'll be sending a picture of it. 
 Altogether the week has been good. I really am loving the work even if it takes a lot of work to continually find but it is super worth it. 
 Love you all,
-so this pic I am standing next to Elder Orton and Elder Dias. Also Nelson is the awesome guy baptizing Celeide. On the other end is Elder Pina.
-also this is the area

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