Monday, January 7, 2013

All about family-a letter of gratitude

So last night I was talking with Elder Orton about something that really destroy families and how much later in life that I want to do everything for my family. And I remembered the question you asked a while ago about what you and Dad have done for us. So this is more or less what I wanted to write about. To you and Dad,
 Mom thank you for all the times that you got intersted in the things that I was interested in. In seeing how my day was, in planning out things where we could go hike or random trip in the woods. I remeber a lot of times the time that you, poul, geoff, and I went walking with patch and that really reminds me of what heaven will feel like. Thank you for taking in interest in what I would read and being willing to give me suggestions and to discuss some things that I would read. Mom I love you so much,
 Dad, thanks for all the times that you would come to some of my games for soccer or track meets. Especially when you had just gotten out of work and mmust have been tired and a little dirty. Thanks for playing sports with me sometimes and really showing how you coulkd really beat me at most every sport still right now. Thanks for wrestling with me and Geoff when we were younger and just messing around with us. I love you Dad.
 And really thanks to both of you for loving each other so much. I remeber the times when we would walk pitcher mountain together and you guys would be holding hands and all us kids would be goofing around because of it but it was awesome. Or the times when you guys would pray together in the mornings. ever single morning. thank you so much for all that you did. 
 I know sometimes that you guys don't feel like your perfect. It's bound to happen with all of us. But one thing I know is that with all of your imperfections there was enough that I really felt loved in our house. I stinking love our family(I was trying to refrain from using stinking). I am so grateful for all that you both have done. I love you so much and the truth is that heaven is a continuation of the ideal family and I feel I have felt that in my life. I love you guys so much and I don't know if there is any better way to say it. I love you Mom and Dad,
 you son out on some weird island near africa,

Here's Peder 's Letter to everyone:
Familia e Amigos,
 So this week I have learned quite a bit. So New years came and left and to tell you the truth not much happened here because of that. Basically everyone was just gone for a couple of days. But eventually we got back to work.
 So on Wednesday morning we taught this guy that the moment that we entered we could tell that the guy was super aventist. So I felt pretty nervous walking in there just based on how he would receive it. As we were talking it inevitably turned to the subject of which day of the week that we worship and we explained to him the scriptures on how Sunday doesn't go against any commandment in the bible. But throughout the lesson i was kind of arguing with him and the lesson turned out very badly. I was really frustrated by the end and Elder Orton said it was the only time that he saw me mad. He said what kept him from getting upset was the just the spiritual confirmations that he knew the gospel was true.
 So we went on and then on thursday we had another lesson. This time it was with a super catholic lady. I really had though about what Elder Orton had said and during the lesson instead of getting nervous about how she would receive it I just remembered how much that I know the the gospel is true. It changed everything. During that lesson I felt the spirit very strongly and it really has changed the way that I have thought about teaching and telling people about the gospel. Really it doesn't matter how much scriptural evidence we have, or who has the biggest church building. What matters is that we know it's true and we know how the gospel has helped us. Really in that aspect it is not hard to teach the gospel at all. We know it's true and nothing is going to change that.
 On Sunday we went to assomada for church and this one lady bore her testimony. She had a crutch and it was hard for her to get up to the pulpit but once she got there she started talking about the story of job and how he never gave up on God. And then she talked about how she has some difficulties in her life with health, and family but that she would never give up on her God. Never. It was such a moving testimony. 
 I know that I am supposed to be out here. I have been called of God to preach the gospel. I know that it is true and I know that I am a better person because of it. I love all of you. Thank you for everything that you have done in my life. This church is true,

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