Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nhos Podi Imagina! Peder hits the One Year Mark

Familia e Amigos,
 This week was good but it did have quite a bit of challenges. Altogether it ended on a pretty positive note though. First off this week I hit my year mark. Pretty stinking crazy. During the day Elder Orton and I checked out tis place that is right by the ocean. During that time it really hity how stinking fast tis time has been going. And how much faster it will continue to go. I am so blessed to be out in the mission. It is something amazing to me and everyday I am grateful to be here.
 Speaking of which as well this week we had a pretty interesting lesson. So we were teaching this kid who said that he was going to give up pratically. His family wasn't the best example and he just didn't feel like he should continue getting ready for baptism or going to church. So we talked to him and brought up how if he's not really willing than we can't really do anything for him. He seemed pretty taken aback by that point and than (after we had been asking him to do this for a week) decided that he would pray to know really what he should do. We left that lesson in truth a little sad because it was basically a last chance lesson. But then the next day we passed him on the street and basically all he said was that he was willing to continue on. It was amazing. Honestly I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers and that He will help us to really understand what we need to do.
 I love this work. I tis just amazing and I am so blessed to be out here as a missionary of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I stinking love it and there is nothing better that I could be doing. I love tis work and I love being out here.
Love you all,

ps this week I had to lead in church. pretty stinking awkward. hopefully I can eventually learn how to do it. haha

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