Monday, December 10, 2012


Familia e Amigos,
 This week has been pretty solid. So as I briefly stated last week I am now with Elder Orton. I had known him before in Fogo but never really thought that we would be comps. Well turns out that we are and I really love it. Elder Orton is from UT and he's way chill.
 As well finally started the work here in Calheta. Straight up love it here. It is way small here( there's only about 16 members in the whole city) so we are still a group that makes part of the ward in Assomada. Straight up love it here though. We have some sweet investigators and members here. 
 One sweet thing during this week is that we talked to this girl named Celeide. So Celeide has a lot of health problems and her cousin carlos invited her to talk to us to see if we could help. So we started talking to us and she mentioned how she has been going around everywehre asking people for money so tat she can get consultations done. So we  started talking to her about the power of prayer and really how God can help her with this. After we left the lesson Carlos and Celeide decided to pray. So they prayed and then they called Celiede's cousin in Praia. And her cousin said that she would help pay for the consultation. It really is true that when we pray God will help us.
 As well this week we were talking to a member named Nelson. So Nelson is the group leader so he basically directs sacrament and all that. So one day we went over just to help him prepare a bit. As we were doing it Elder Orton was practicing leading for the music. Then we started talking about the way some people lead. So Elder Orton got up and then put his arms limp and just swung them around trying to lead. Next thing that happens is that Elder Orton hit a board with a couple things on it that just get shot across the room. Holy flip I was laughing so stinking hard that I started to cry. Luckily nothing got broken but it was just so funny. 
 I straight up love this area. It is awesome and the people have a real desire to learn. I know that this Church is true. It has blessed my life immensely and there is nothing better than what it has done for me. I love you all and hope that everything is going well where you are.

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