Monday, January 14, 2013

Nha Vida--whatever that means.

Familia e Amigos,
 So this week has been a litle slow. So Elder Orton and I were kind of anticpating what would happen with transfers so with that and the fact that a lot of our appointments fell through it made it a little tough. But we still worked through it all. So in general this week had some up and downs.
 So first off to explain something that happened for the first time in my mission. So we went to teach this couple named Albertino and Emma. So  some background is that the week before we had talked to them about getting married. The lesson was ok but not the best. So when we showed up there this time with Nelson (group leader) Albertino opened the door and yelled at us and said he was catholic and that he wasn't interested anymore. It was really sad. Especially because his woman, Emma, really wants to get baptized. But besides the disappointment we are still working. 
 Throughout the week as well there was one day we had to stay in because Elder Orton got sick. So we were staying in and laying low but we decide to go out to at least teach seminary. So during the day we had to teach about Matthew 16. By the way I recommend that you all read this chapter. It is when Peter talks to Christ and says that he knows that Jesus is the Christ. Man it is an awesome chapter. So we were giving that lesson and it went really well and Elder Orton adn I taught very smoothly together. So near the end we had one of our investigators named Celeide who was there. Right after we had finished teaching I asked if anyone had any questions. She raised her hand and just said "I want to be baptized". Man it took me back but as she said it the two other people in seminary were just cheering her on. It was so awesome. She is now preparing to be baptized this next week. 
 Man this week although it was pretty slow still had a very good ending. You know there are a lot of things that are difficult about the area. But I'm excited still for all the good that can happen and will continue to happen. 
 I love you all, This work is awesome and I am very grateful to be out here. I hope that everything keeps going well where you all are at,

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