Familia e Amigos,
 This week has been a pretty solid week. We have had much more lessons than that of last week so it's been solid. So to start off we started this week a little slow because we had to stay in the house one day. But luckily after that day we were able to get things going. First off we found one of our investigators named Anilza. So we were talking with Anilza and we asked her how she felt about Joseph Smith. She said that when she prayed how different she felt and that she just felt that it was true. Soon afterwards we were able to invite her to get baptized. She is now preparing for the 24th of November. Also something really awesome about her was that this Sunday she went to church. But she not only came for her first time alone but she invited two of her friends to come with her. So it was just straight up awesome.
 As well we have an investigator named Silvino. So Silvino we have been worrying about him because he has a drinking problem. So we were talking with him and we asked if he had drank. Turns out that he had after we talked to him for a  while. But what was awesome was how much we were able to help him afterwards. We were able to give him a blessing and it really helped him to just be a lot more honest with us. It was just awesome and I really loved that lesson. Just such a reminder for me how we are not here just to baptize a million people or to fill a church but to really help them follow Christ. If we are really here to help people then they can overcome those insufficencies and really follow Him. I just loved it and it really helped me a lot.
 This work is more important than anything else that we are doing and it doesn't have to be only in the mission sense. How many people can we help everyday? Honestly the number is limitless. I love this work and there is nothing better than this. I love you all and I really hope that everything is going well.

ps We also talked with a new investigator who knows a ton of basketball. I almost got distracted yesterday talking about it but luckily we got back on track. I'm pretty excited about him.