Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Bunch of White Guys Climbin' on Rocks

Familia e Amigos,
 So things are going pretty well here in Relva. So this week has been Elder Edwards first week here and it has gone way solid. We have realized how easy it is for people to recognize us here because truthfully we are the only white guys at all in this but it has been way awesome. This week we were able to teach some solid lessons. One of which is with a less active called Zeka. So we went into the lesson and Zeka's family was there. His sister(Suzette) was like ' hey you have to talk to my brother cuz he really needs church' he actually peaced out pretty quick but then she stayed so we were able to talk with her. Man it was awesome and she has been learning so much. This Sunday she came to church and Elder Edwards told me that during church she looked around and was like man all of these people are my friends here in Relva. Straight up awesome!!! As well we had a lesson with an  investigator named Chandro. We left him with a part to read and man he read it and he made notes in his scriptures about what he learned. It was straight up awesome!! He is way quiet but he is so willing to learn. 
 Today for pday we did some random walking and find some pretty sweet stuff. Turns out some fisherman saw us and told us that we should probabaly be heading back. Just telling you how easy it is to spot some random white guys climbing on rocks. But I straight up love it here. We have some good investigators and we are able to teach so much which is just awesome. I love this work and I'm so happy to be here doing it, I love you all,

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