Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Familia e Amigos,
 So this week was straight up awesome.Elder Edwards and I were able to work really well and we got a ton of people excited for conference. One of our investigators showed up to three of the sessions!! Straight up awesome. As well this week we had two baptisms. Chandro and Mite. Mite is Pipizinha┬║s mother and she is just awesome. She is just so ready to do things and here baptism was awesome. Chandro is super quiet but as we started to teach him he opened up a
lot and he is a straight up awesome kid. The baptism was held in Cova Fig and although the baptism font was a little low on water it went all well after a couple of tries. Afterwards on Sunday we had conference(a week late but still all good). Man we had so many people there. The sacrament hall was full to the brim and wew actually ended up sitting outside. I straight up loved it though. Also we had an investigator named Ely come. Man,I was so excited to see her there because for like all the time I've been here she has been trying to get to church and she finally showed. It was awesome. On Sunday we were also able to do a division. I went with this member named Silas which was straight up awesome. He is a beast and i love that guy. As we were walking home there was a drunk guy on the street and Silas helped him to get home. As he was doing that I was thinking of the talk that Pres Monson gave in Priesthood and about a missionary where every time he looked at somebody he looked as if they could be baptized. And those people reached that potential. I think its a super important thing. Everyone has the potential to be a disciple of Christ we just need to have to vision and follow the spirit to help them get there. It is definitely something that I need to remember. 
 So yesterday we went on this super long hike with a member called Luis. Man we passed through this one area and all this little kids just looked at us and were like Touristas! I guess we really did look like it though because it's two white guys hanging out with a cape verdean. All good though. I straight up love this work. It is more amazing than anything else I could be doing, I love you all and I hope that you have a great week,

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