Monday, September 3, 2012

Here we are in Relva

Familia e Amigos,
 So this week has been pretty solid. So this week Elder Liam and I have gotten more used to working together which is pretty chill. He is having to get used to the missionary schedule but he's improving. This week we had some killer lessons that I really enjoyed. One of which was in Achada Grande. It was with an investigator we have called Edna. So we went there and we taught the restoration which she has prayed about and that she knows is true. We then invited her to be baptized. So she actually said no because she was catholic. So we waited and than asked if she had any questions. She had one question that was awesome. She asked how much time it would take for her to get baptized, as in what were the requirements. We talked about how it's all dependent on the person and if they have made changes necessary for it and then I asked why she asked that question. She then said that she really wants to be a member. So we marked a date right after that which was straight up awesome! I have another one that is kind of the same deal. We randomly went to this one house (I thinking that it was somebody else's house) and starting teaching this person named Jorginha. The same thing with the invite. She said no. So the next time we came back and she said she wanted to baptized. It is just straight up amazing. You know when the spirit is there in lessons I know that our investigators can feel it and that really when they want to follow. The work is going well. Relva is pretty awesome and I want to help this branch so much. One thing in specific is that they don't know a ton of hyms. So I'm going to work this week on just bringing my hymnal in lessons so that we can help more people learn. But it is straight up awesome. 
 Thank you guys so much for all of your e-mails. They are so awesome and I love hearing how all of you are doing. This work is the work of the Lord and I love it.

so I've been a huge slacker on pics. so here's some pics of comps. First off is elder de barros in figural, then elder bunderson(the only white one) and then elder da graça. I'll work on getting one of  Elder Lima soon.

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