Monday, August 27, 2012

Peder has another new companion

Familia e Amigos,
So this week has been ok but it has been a little difficult. To start off we started this week really well. I taught one of our investigators named Nene and Marinha and it was straight up awesome. Marinha really wants to be baptized and she had asked about the law of chastity. So we were able to explain it to both Nene and Marinha and Nene first said that he only wants to get married at 50 and heºs 48. So I talked more about alma 34' 32 and then brought up a talk by Elder D todd Christofferson. By the end of the lesson Nene just said that it was what he had needed to hear. Man I loved that lesson this week.
 After that we went to Corvo one day and then the next day we were just walking around when Elder Da Graca said that he had a really bad headache. We got to the house and he said it was a lot moe than a headache and that his chest was killing. So we rushed off to the hospital and unfortunately because of that he had to get sent home. I really felt awful and he was such a solid comp. Right now he is doing a lot better but just because of that incident he had to go back to Sao Filipe. So now Iºm with Elder Lima from Praia. Heºs just waiting on his visa to go to portugal but itºs all good. He seems really smart and it should be a good time helping him to be more prepared for portugal. But this is now my 3rd comp in 1 transfer which if I was to be honest I donºt like the constant switching. It makes it hard because you get used to a comp and then they get transfered which is super hard to deal with. But we move on and Iºve been learning a lot this transfer. One thing in particular is really the fact that we are here as missionaries really to invite people to come to christ. That is more important than any other thing that we are doing here. I am so grateful for my savior and I know that he loves each and everyone one of us. 
 I love you all and I hope that things are going well there in NH and other areas,

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