Friday, July 13, 2012

What's up in Capo Verde with Peder?

Familia e Amigos,
 So this week has been pretty good. Elder De Barros and I have been working a lot with getting to know a lot more knew people and it has been awesome. First off on tuesday we went to an outlying zone called Figural de Coculi. There no one has ever seen missionaries. It was pretty crazy walking around there. Everyone would see us walking and because I'm like the first american that they have ever seen everyone would stop and try and talk to us. We found a bunch of new people there. It's way far away but the people there are awesome.
 Also this week the branch had an activity in a zone called Maopatraz. We went there for a little and we found a new person to teach. He had been taught 12 yrs in the past and he said that he wants to be baptized!!! It was pretty stinking awesome.
 Also during that day we had a marked appointment with one of our investigators named Adilson. When we showed up he wasn't there but his brother Madger was there. We were talking to Madger for a little and he asked us what he has to do to be baptized. It was just so awesome. Elder De Barros taught him yesterday about marriage and he and his girlfriend decided that they really do want to be married!!! It was pretty awesome. Afterwards Adilson showed and he told us that he want s to prepare to serve a mission. It was pretty awesome and he is progressing so well.
 Yesterday was pretty awesome as well.We did a division with some members which went really well. I basically stayed in Ribeira Grande while Elder De Barros went to Ponta Do Sol. During that time I was with a member named Saturnino. We got to pass by a lot of his family which was pretty awesome. Altogether this week we found a lot more of new investigators. It was awesome and it is a huge help to continue to find people who really want to hear. I love this work that we are doing here and I know that the Lord is helping us to find the people who are really ready.
 I hope that all you continue to be well and I love you,

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