Saturday, July 21, 2012

Peder's latest news from Cape Verde

Familia e Amigos,
 So things here in Pontu do Sol have been pretty awesome. We have been doing a lot of divisions with some members from Ribeira Grande which has just been awesome. I have enjoyed it a lot. Also this week we had to go to São Vicente for zone conference which was really good. I really enjoyed it and I know that it will help our work here to improve. Also on SAturday we had to go to Porto Novo and I got to see a bunch of people from Porto Novo which was awesome.
 So some sweet things this week. Yesterday was church and we had 8 investigators show up to church!!!! It was flipping awesome and one of our investigators who missed the first ride to Ponta do Sol picked one up late so that he could be there as well. It was so awesome and church was way good. It was the first time for the Relief Society here that it actually was more than 3 people which was awesome for them.
 As well I had some lessons this week that went awesome. I and Saturnino ( I didn't teach a ton with Elder De Barros this week) taught his cousin this week named Adlino. Before we even started the lesson Adlino started talking about how he had seen a lot of things wrong in churches and that honestly he really had a hard time with this. It was awesome and I was able to talk about the Restoration and the lesson just went so well and he was so open to it. As well I taught this guy named Joao. It was awesome lesson and by the end of the leson he said that he knew it was all true. Man it was flipping awesome! (the only problem was that I was in Ribeira Duke and we really needed to get back to the house so I booked it).
 The work here is going well and I am happy this week that I will actually be in my area a lot more. We lost two days this week because of travel and junk which makes it really hard to help a lot of people here but it was all good. I love being out here serving the Lord and this week will be awesome with the fact that we have time to really be in our area. 
 Also how are the rest of you guys doing? How has the summer been going for all of you? Warm/ Cold? Basically how are all of you doing? 
 I hope that you are all doing well and I love you all. I know that as we serve the Lord we are blessed and that we never stop learning new things.
 This work is amazing and I really hope that the rest of you are doing well.

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