Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peder's life has changed a bit.

Familia e Amigos,
 So this week has been pretty busy. First off we had a training lined up for this thursday. Unfortunately what happened on tuesday was that we recieved a call and the training had been moved a day earlier so we had to get on the boat that day. It was 4:30 and the boat leaves at 5 when we got this call. So we ran over there, got to the ticket office(where the lady almost didn't sell us tickets) and then sprinted on the boat. During this whole time when we were passing by people they just were yelling run run. Furstrating but all chill.
 The training was way good and it really was a good help to work more effectively. After the training President Oliveira came to our to Santo Antão. It was way awesome and we were able to talk about our area more in depth. Also we did interviews with him and during the interview with my companion Pres Oliveira said that he would be going. So during this week I then was wondering really what would happen in this next transfer.
 The next couple days went well and the work is moving awesomely. We met somebody on the street the other day who had been taught in the past. I t was crazy because we just met him on the street. We marked a baptizmal date with him which was just awesome.
 During that day we had been really occupied with what would happen with transfers. So eventually at 9 on Saturday night we heard from President. Elder Palmer was sent to Assomada to be a zone leader. Pretty crazy. Then President started talking to me. So he was talking and he starting saying that I would be serving with Elder de Barros (he's from Fogo). I thought that was pretty chill and that I would be serving in Porto Novo. Turns out no. I have been transferred to serve in Ponta do Sol now. It's pretty insane and I can't believe I'm here. I'm still on Santo Antão which is stinking awesome. Today though has been a ton of transfer stuff so now I'm writing this late.
 As I said it's been a pretty crazy week. I'm super excited for this new area and Elder de Barros only speaks Portuguese so that should be way good.
 I love you all and I hope that everything continues to go well for you.
Elder Peder Schillemat
ps sorry I won't be able to respond to a bunch of e-mails. I'm kinda limited on time right now. Até proxima semana!

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