Monday, June 25, 2012

Beached Whale and other happenings

Famalia e Amigos,
 This week has been a pretty fun week but it has definitely been tough. We have had to find a lot of new people and really just work on improving this area a lot. It is way beautiful here but we really need to help the people here be more accepting of the gospel. But it has been really good. We have been working a lot with our branch president, president paisquinha, and he is a stinking goof. But it is a lot of fun. So during this week the work has been super fast but it has been good nonetheless.
 So as well we have been going to this zone called Povacao. It is super green and Elder De Barros went there on a split the other day and was able to contact a guy named Stefin. Stefin went to church the last week and he really liked it. He wants to be abptized and we are going to prepare him for this the 7th of July. Pretty awesome!
 As well one day this week a bunch of our appointments fell through. I asked Elder De Barros if he wanted to see where we baptize people and he said he would. So as we were walking over there a bunch of people were running to the port. Turns out that there was a beached whale there. Pretty crazy! First time I've seen a whale and it was pretty awesome.
 I'm super excited for the work that I'll be doing in this area. Ponta do Sol is stinking beautiful and truth be told this area is going to grow. It's been tough this week, with a huge party that happened and just finding people but I know that we will find people who are ready to recive the gospel. The Lord is always preparing people and it's no exception here.
 I love you all and I hope that everything continues to go well.

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