Monday, June 11, 2012

The Book of Mormon: A record for our time

Familia e Amigos,
 So this week has been good but a little tough. A lot of our investigators haven't been keeping their commitments (ie being at their house) so we have gotten a lot of walking in. But it's all good and we still we're able to teach some good lessons today. One of which was with our investigator Davi Fonseca. So what's funny about him was the fact that before this transfer I knew him just as the guy who owned the cyber maky. The first time we started teacing him it was way chill and we taught him in his store. Our next lesson we taught in the chapel. When we were teaching him today we were talking about the Book of Mormon and how it is really written for us. What was awesome was that I had read Mormon 8:35 that morning which is basically Mormon explaining that he feels that he is talking right to us because he was shown our times. It is just such evidence that the book of mormon really was written for us. Another lesson that we had yesterday was about the book of mormon as well. The lesson was going well and when we were teaching some people from another house came in and pulled out their book of mormons. It was pretty awesome and they were taught in the past and we are going to work on teaching them more and preparing them to be baptized. Altogether the Book of Mormon is just amazing and I know that it is true. 
 During this week we are also working on getting our investigator Warley baptized. We started teaching him the first day that I got here and he is just awesome. He has been taught everything and the problem is that his mom still won't give permission for him to be baptized. This week we are going to be trying way hard to work with him to be baptized. Yesterday we talked to the mom and she still said no but I am so tempted to just pass by her work everyday so that she can see how important this really is. It stinks though because after she said no I was a little angry mostly because Warley has been prepared for basically 4 months now and it just is awful that he can't be baptized. He is an awesome kid and really it is just awesome. Last week in fast and testimony meeting he bore his testimony and I actually started tearing up (don't judge people). He just is so awesome and I know that he will be baptized. We are going to be working way hard this week because truthfully he is so ready. 
 The work in the mission is awesome and truth be told I meet people here who are just amazing. I am so happy to be here. It is hard sometimes but if it wasn't hard then I wouldn't progress at all. I know that God loves us and really wants the best for us. He will always help us as we turn to him in prayer. The Book of Mormon is true and I know that as we read we will find answers to all the questions and difficulties that we face in our lives. This gospel is true and I know that as we live it that our lives will be so much happier.
 I love you all and I hope that everything is going well,
ps I break 6months in the mission this week. Ain't it crazy? 

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