Monday, April 9, 2012

Portugese by Immersion and other tales.

Familia e Amigos,
 So this week has been pretty good. First off we had a baptism on Saturday which went really well. It was for our investigator Bruno. He's 12 years old and we have been waiting on permission for him for a while. His baptism day was a little stressful though. We were trying our best to schedule it so that his kother could come but she had a commitment on the day of the baptism. She said she would try her best to be there. So on Saturday we were waiting there for a while and she showed up late but she was there which was awesome. His baptism went super well and slowly we are going to bring that whole family unto Christ. Bruno already has two brothers that are members so it's just up to us to work with the parents. 
 Tambem we had divisions this week with the Zone Leaders. So both the Zone Leaders can only speak Portuguese so it really forced me to speak Portuguese throughout the entire day. It was good and although I ended the day with a headache I know that it definitely helped me to progress. (Speaking of which when the Zone Leaders were trying to come into Porto Novo, the boat that they were on took about an hour or so to port. It was funny because we could see them the whole time that this was going on).
 Besides that we started teaching a new investigatornamed Miriam. She had been taught about a year ago by earlier missionaries. A couple of weeks ago she started to come back to church. When we finally found here and started teaching we asked how things were with the earlier missionaries and why she came back to church. She said that since she had stopped meeting with the missionaries and stopped reading the Book of Mormon that she stopped feeling happy and as well her grades and school all dropped. She said that she knows that the gospel had blessed her life and that's why she came back to church. It was just stinking awesome. She isn't rushing into anything but we hope that she can be baptized on the 5 of May. She will definitely be ready. 
 Altogether I am loving things here in Porto Novo. The work is moving well and I'm so happy to be serving. The Church is true and it has blessed my life so much. 
I love you all. :)


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