Monday, April 23, 2012

Peder's 20th Birthday in Cape Verde this year.

Familia e Amigos,
This week has been pretty chill. Some of the things we have done this
week. Well we did a couple of divisions this week which went really
well. I went with our Branch President and with Marwilson (a member
who is preparing for a mission). Both went really well and we were
able to get a lot more work done.
Besides that we are just preparing a lot of our investigators for
baptism. We have three baptisms for this next week. One is for an
invesitgator named Ineida that I taked about last week. As well we
have an investigator named Miriam who is getting ready and a 10 year
old boy named Alvero. All of them are doing well and it should be
great to see them on saturday.
While I was writing this I also remembered something that happened
last monday. So we were going to an FHE at one of our investigator's
house. We had made some cake and brownies for it. So I had made the
cake and I failed to realize until I got there that I forgot to put
something in: baking powder. Needless to say the cake wasn't that
great. Good thing it's my birthday today so I don't have to worry
about it. :)
Yeah things are pretty awesome. Not going to be doing much on my
birthday but normal p-day stuff but it should be fun. Thank you all
for the birthday wishes and I love you all.

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