Monday, May 21, 2012

Things in Cape Verde

After talking with Peder for 2 hours on Mother's Day, this missionary mom is feeling pretty good.  Here's the latest news from Capo Verde:  

Familia e Amigos,
 So things are pretty chill here in Porto Novo. During this week we have been working hard with the members here to find a lot more people to teach and the members have been great and way helpful. Yesterday at church two of the people that the members referred us to showed up to church and the members were just so supportive and it was just so awesome to see. Besides that the work is moving pretty well. Let's see this week we had some awesome lessons about Faith. Really a lot about how faith really isn't just believing but true faith is shown when we are doing the things that we need to. It was way awesome and one lesson when we were talking about that one of our recent converts gave us a referrel like way quick even when we weren't asking for one. Honestly faith is just amazing and with faith we can do everything. 
 Besides that our district is moving really well now and the Sisters in the other half of Porto Novo really are doing well. It definitely is different only having sisters in our district but it's way chill. 
 This week was chill but I don't have a ton of people to report on. Basically the work is just moving really well and I'd say it is because we are getting so  much help from the members here. Honestly the members are essential and they know like everyone here. With the members we are finding a lot more people and it is just stinking awesome.
 I hope that everything is continuing to go well for all of you and I love you all,
 Elder Peder Schillemat

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