Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Peder has a New Companion and a New Assignment.

Familias e Amigos,
 So this week has been pretty awesome. First off the end of this week was transfers. I will talk about that a bit more in detail at the end but that does explain the title.
 So this week we were preparing three people for their baptisms. We prepared Rosiane, Bruno and Miriam. So the baptism was on Saturday. All of them were ready and we were just waiting for all of them to show up. Eventually, an hour late, Rosiane and Miram showed up. It was kind of freaky because they were so late but it was all good and it was awesome to see them all come unto Christ. Also we had a ton of people come to baptism and support them which was awesome!
 On Sunday it was fast and testimony meeting. It was such an awesome sacrament. First off Miram bore her testimony and she said that she just felt so happy. She said she couldn't explain it but she was just undeniably happy. It was amazing to here hear testimony and after church as she was talkign about her baptism she said that she wants to be baptized again because she just felt so happy and she felt something so warm in her heart. Honestly it was just amazing. As well Rosiane bore her testimony. She mentioned that she was quite a bit nervous before her baptism and that afterwards she just felt so much peace. It was such an awesome experience and I loved it so much.
 As I was saying as well it's transfers. Elder Rodgers has left me and I am now serving with Elder Palmer from Idaho. He seems pretty chill and it should be awesome to work with him and to bring more people unto Christ. As well because I am no longer a greeny I have been called as a district leader. It has a lot of new challenges but with the Lord I need not fear. I  was pretty sad to see Elder Rodgers go last night. He is an awesome Elder and I learned so much from him. Last night we had an FHE and everyone went around just talking about the influence that Elder Rodgers had made in their lives. It was stinking sad and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't tear up a bit. But it is going to be awesome and I am grateful to work here in Porto Novo and I love this gospel.
 I can't wait to hear from you family on Sunday! I love you so much and I know this work is just amazing.
 Eu vos amo tanto!
 Elder Peder Schillemat

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